2021 January Dedicated Driver of the Month

Ed Coleman


Maverick Transportation announced Ed Coleman from GSC from Columbia, SC as their January 2021 Dedicated Driver of the Month. Coleman has been driving with Maverick since 2008.

"Ed is always so professional with our customers," said Account Manager Phillip Brock. "He is always willing to help out another driver and has a long history of doing so. I've been told on multiple occasions of drivers calling Ed when they have a question, which goes to show you what kind of person Ed is. If I'm needing some research done, I know I can go to Ed to help us test things. Here's an example: one time, a new DD trailer with safety rails on the rear needed to go to a customer that had never used one before. I know that I can send Ed with it, because I know he'll explain to the customer what they're for, and if needed, will remove them in order to get the load delivered. He'll always report back to me with any issues and keep an open line of communication. Ed also takes great pride in the look of our equipment, and always has his truck nice and shiny."

Outstanding service gets recognized at Maverick.

The Dedicated Driver of the Month program is a high honor for specially-selected Maverick drivers. Every month, Maverick recognizes one driver from the company's fleet who demonstrates exceptional commitment to their profession, while maintaining Maverick's standards of holding safety in the highest regard. At the end of the year, the Dedicated Driver of the Month committee will choose the Dedicated Driver of the Year, which is announced the following January.