Darryl Hammond

Darryl Hammond


Maverick Transportation announced Darryl Hammond of Blythewood, SC, as one of their 2023 Trainer Finalists. Hammond has been a road trainer with Maverick for 4 years, and is a 2022 Dedicated Driver of the Year.

"Darryl always has good suggestions to improve how we service our customers," said Account Manager Phil Brock. "When he comes into the plant, he will spend time on the dock with his students securing loads to get them familiar with how to secure the glass. He's always here to help!"

Outstanding service gets recognized at Maverick.

The Trainer of the Year program is a great addition to the OTR and Dedicated Driver of the Year Programs. It’s been designed to recognize Trainers who exemplify the Maverick Way. The Trainer of the Year Program, along with the annual Trainer Summit, will improve Maverick’s ability to gain valuable insight and feedback.