Qualified Carriers

Maverick Logistics values quality carrier relationships and offers qualified carriers the following:

  • The assurance of being an active member in the Internet Truckstop Diamond Broker Program
  • Consistent lanes
  • Continuous move opportunities to position you in your head-haul markets
  • Freight to fill your spot needs
  • Timely freight payment. Quick Pay and Direct Deposit
  • Advanced Technology to make your job easier
  • Free access to available loads on the Maverick Logistics website which updates continuously
  • The entire Carrier Packet is available online. Click here to download

Maverick Customers

Maverick Logistics offers delivery solutions for our customers via an extensive network of carriers meeting stringent safety standards across all modes.

  • Exceptional customer service including timely load updates
  • Access to multiple modes of transport - Flatbed, RGN & Bulk
  • Rapid response on freight quotes
  • 48 State coverage
  • Core competency in Heavy Haul/Overdimensional
  • Up to 12' wide
  • Up to 65,000 lbs or 8 axle equipment
  • Agriculture and Construction Dealer Delivery Program
  • Import/Export packing list analysis and complete project support

Our priority is to provide solutions to your problems and to develop a relationship for the long term. Join the Maverick carrier base today!


Flatbed: 800-249-3807

Adam Smith - or (501) 955-1558

Specialized: 866-413-4401

Adam Smith - or (501) 955-1558