2017 Driver of the Year Event Recap

  Tuesday, February 20, 2018

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Driver of the Month program/each year’s Driver of the Year event, you can check out our recap of last year’s event.

Here at Maverick, we absolutely love our drivers. And we especially love celebrating them! Every year, we honor our 12 Drivers of the Month at our Driver of the Year Banquet in Little Rock, AR. This year we added a few new drivers to the mix - 3 of the finalists from our new Dedicated Driver of the Quarter program, as well as our Rookie of the Quarter Cleo Williams and Trainer of the Quarter Herb Withrow.

Driver of the Quarter Royce Simons and Wife Lee

Driver of the Quarter Darryl Hammond and Wife Nancy

Musicians Ten Penny Gypsy with Buddy Case (pictured left) - Justin Patterson (pictured right), is an Area Logistics Manager at Maverick

The night was filled with good music, good food, and great company. Among our speakers were VP of Operations John Coppens, Chairman and CEO Steve Williams and COO John Culp. It was a wonderful evening filled with honoring our drivers, praising their hard work and the steps it takes to become a Driver of the Month/Quarter.

COO John Culp

Chairman & CEO Steve Williams

Driver of the Month Kenny Williams
2015 Driver of the Year Roger Wyble

The next day was full of meetings with drivers and office personnel - specifically, our quarterly Drivers' Advisory Committee meeting. Drivers also broke out into divisional meetings - it was a busy day!

Driver of the Month Doug Hendry

But nothing brings excitement like the actual presentation event for our Driver of the Year/Dedicated Driver of the Year.

2016 Driver of the Year Raurii Milbrandt

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for! Our 6 Dedicated and OTR Black Hat finalists were eager for the final announcement.

Our winners: Dedicated Driver of the Year Gary Lipscomb and OTR Driver of the Year Lou Webber!

2017 OTR Driver of the Year Lou Webber
2017 Dedicated Driver of the Year Gary Lipscomb

Congratulations again to all of our drivers. You are the heartbeat of this company and we are thankful for each and every one of you!