Maverick: At the Forefront of Technology

  Saturday, January 27, 2024

Welcome to the world of Maverick’s trucking technology! With the ongoing availability of new technology, the trucking industry is undergoing a major transformation. Join us as we dive into some of the exciting innovations that are making Maverick’s professional truck driving jobs safer and more connected.

Maverick has always been known for being a leader on all fronts; trucking industry standards, safety, pay and technology. In this blog, we’ll explore how in-truck technology at Maverick is driving the future of efficient and reliable transportation on our highways.

In 2021, Maverick committed to the full adoption of the Stoneridge MirrorEye® system in our entire fleet of trucks. This system enhances our trucks' mirrors with “integrated external digital cameras and digital monitors inside the cab of the truck.” Stoneridge Mirror Eye, 1/12/2024, 8:06 a.m., MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System (CMS) - Stoneridge

There are many advantages offered with the MirrorEye system that aid our drivers - from enhanced vantage points to infrared technology that increases visibility at night.

We sat down with Maverick’s Director of Risk Management, Eric Tompkins, and he had this to say: “This [MirrorEye] technology is an enhancement tool to make our drivers’ jobs better. In addition to automatic emergency braking, roll stability, side radar and adaptive cruise control, this tool really improves our drivers’ visibility. It eliminates almost all of the blind spots. A bonus feature of MirrorEye is that it is a great exoneration tool as far as determining accidents and who is at fault. Often, with footage from MirrorEye, Maverick is eliminated from fault of an accident.”

Here are just a few of the MirrorEye safety features that assist our drivers:

  • External cameras that turn when the trailer turns

  • Infrared Visibility- assists drivers with better visibility when backing into dark locations

  • Larger vantage points around the truck include a blind spot monitor from the steps on the passenger side to in front of the steer tire.

  • If the lights are too bright at night, drivers can change settings to dim

Here at Maverick, we’ve also installed technology in the truck to enhance the driver’s safety while stopped and/or parked for the evening. Installed in the sleeper berth of the truck is a panic button and when pushed, all the lights on the truck flash and the horn goes off. As a driver, if you hear something or feel unsafe, you can turn that on to call attention to your location.

While driving, Maverick’s onboard computer system also offers tablet popups that alert the driver to road and traffic conditions corresponding to their location. For instance, a driver may be heading into an area where there has been a high number of rollover accidents so their computer will show an alert like the below to indicate HIGH ROLLOVER. There are also alerts like, low bridge ahead, unexpected slowdown, work zone, etc.

Maverick also has a visual mapping system that allows our operations team to precisely locate a driver, which is very helpful in severe weather events. With our technology we can communicate with individual drivers, portions of the fleet, or the whole fleet more effectively as weather systems develop. We also use this technology to map drivers home locations to check on them and their families when the most severe events occur.

These are just a few pieces of technology that Maverick has invested in to keep our drivers and the motoring public safer. It’s very clear that technology is shaping our industry for the better. With advancements like Stoneridge MirrorEye® that increase visibility on and off the road, to onboard computer systems that are technological powerhouses, we feel confident about the future and our professional drivers’ ability to navigate it. Our technology not only makes our operations safer and more efficient, but it also contributes to a growth mindset that Maverick doesn’t back down from.