Maverick Driver Ron Kneeland III Named 2017 Hero of the Highway

  Thursday, October 26, 2017

Congratulations to Ron Kneeland III, who was presented with the 2017 Hero of the Highway Award!

The Trucking Industry Defense Association’s (TIDA) Hero of the Highway Award is awarded annually to a commercial driver who is recognized for his or her heroic behavior and extraordinary public service. In May of this year, Ron Kneeland witnessed a highway accident on I-94 WB in Parma, MI. The vehicle was on fire. Ron stopped and ran back using his fire extinguisher, and shortly after another witness stopped and helped Ron pull the injured driver from the burning vehicle.

We are so incredibly proud of Ron and his quick thinking and selflessness in such a critical situation. He is absolutely deserving of this award, and is an excellent example of altruism for the rest of his Maverick family.

Ron was invited to TIDA’s Annual Seminar and was presented with a plaque and monetary gift of $2500 in Las Vegas. He was nominated by Maverick Senior Claims Manager Carole Whitted-Ridgeway.

A link to Ron’s TIDA phone interview is located here.

Congratulations again, Ron!