The Juggling Act: Stories from the Road- How to successfully balance a professional truck driving career and your family.

  Thursday, February 29, 2024

Professional truck driving is not just a job; it's a lifestyle. Truck drivers spend extended periods away from home, often traveling long distances to deliver freight across our country. The solitude of the road, while offering independence and time to think, when coupled with the irregular hours, can pose challenges to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We spoke with James Hogue, a Maverick driver who has been with us for over 9 years, to get his perspective and advice on how to successfully balance a professional driving career and family.

James has been married for 18 years and together, they have 5 children ranging in age from 2 to 18.

  • Communication is Key: Maintaining strong communication with family members is crucial. Thanks to modern technology, and his Maverick Wi-Fi hot spot, James stays connected with his family via video calls and can also help them with their schoolwork. He is also able to play online games with his oldest children. You can also connect through phone calls and messaging apps. Regular updates and heartfelt conversations can help bridge the gap and provide emotional support.

  • Strategic Planning: Successful truck drivers are detailed planners. They often create schedules that align with important family events or milestones, making sure they’re present during special moments. James ensures that his home time requests align with his children's games, special events or for some extra family time.

  • Making the Most out of your Home Time: While at home, it’s important to be intentional with how your time is spent. Whether there are “things to accomplish” or not, it’s key to create quality time with those family members while you are physically with them. James and his family enjoy watching movies together and hanging out at their pond. You can also plan special family dinners, game nights or go outside to play.

  • Highlighted Idea from James: One very special way that James likes to connect with his children is he will find out what book they are reading and listen to the audio version of it while he is driving that week so they can talk about the book and connect.
  • Embracing Flexibility: Flexibility is also key in the trucking world. Drivers who learn to adapt to unforeseen circumstances on the road and apply the same adaptability to their family life can feel more successful. Understand that plans may need to change on short notice and develop a mindset that embraces flexibility both on and off the road.

Professional truck drivers demonstrate incredible flexibility as they adapt to the challenges on the road while still tending to and developing strong family bonds. Through intentional communication, strategic planning with a strong team, intentionality, and flexibility, our drivers demonstrate that enjoying a fulfilling career and a thriving family life can indeed go hand in hand.